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iHealth Blood Glucose Meters Test Strips

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iHealth Test Strips designed for ACCURACY AND EASE OF USE

The iHealth EGS-2003 glucose test strips are compatible with iHealth Align (BG1) and Smart wireless glucose meter (BG5S). Small blood sample size – only 0.7 µL No coding means one step less* High stability, not affected by the oxygen partial pressure Long shelf life, expires 24 months from manufacture date and 5 months after opening with proper storage. *You no longer need to scan the code of each vial, as with the AGS-1000I. There is no coding for EGS-2003 strips. After selecting the correct test strip type in the app and syncing with the iHealth glucose meter ( The BG1 and BG5S), just insert the strip and use.


- In the iGluco app, go to Settings, and tap “Select Test Strip Type” - Select EGS-2003 and tap Save, - For iHealth Smart (BG5S) users, Please make sure to sync your glucose meter to your mobile device before taking blood sugar measurements.


Range & Accuracy

Result range: 20 mg/dL ~600 mg/dL (1.1 mmol/L~33.3mmol/L) Blood source: Fresh capillary whole blood Blood volume: Min. 0.7 micro liter

Operation & Storage

Store the test strip vial between 39°F ~ 86°F(4° C to 30° C) and 10% ~ 85% relative humidity. Operating conditions: 50 ° -95 ° F (10 ° C- 35 ° C) Test strips expire 150 days after opening. Write the expiry date on the test strip vial when first opening.

What’s Included

2 vials of Test Strips, each contains 25 test strips

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